The State of the Right to Food and Nutrition Report provides an annual snapshot of this key human right around the world, identifying national, regional and international trends. This year it is published to coincide with discussions on the Right to Food and Nutrition (RTFN) at the United Nations Human Rights Council session in March 2023.

Reflecting global developments from July 2021 to the end of 2022, the report focuses on the connection between war, systemic violence, and structural inequality. It examines how powerful economic actors, notably states and corporations, use conflict, occupation, and war to create and perpetuate their dominance over food systems and global efforts to address hunger and malnutrition.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine disrupted the global food system and added another layer to the multilayered global food crisis. However, despite dominating global headlines it was not the only conflict causing record levels of internally displaced people. As previous editions of this report have underlined, most undernourished people live in countries experiencing armed conflict such as Burkina Faso and parts of the MENA region, which go largely unnoticed by mainstream media.

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